Poll Question: Which drafted Vol will have the most success in the NBA?

With a lot of excitement for Tennessee players in the 2019 NBA Draft, we are wondering which one of the three UT players that were drafted do you think will have the most success in the NBA?

You can define that success however you’d like…best player, longest career, most time as a starter, team success or anything else. Even if you believe in and will root for all of them, just pick one in the poll.

Grant Williams (1st Rd – #22 to Celtics)
Admiral Schofield (2nd Rd – #42 drafted by 76ers but traded to Wizards)
Jordan Bone (2nd Rd – #57 drafted by Pelicans but traded to the Hawkls and then to the Pistons)

Thanks for answering and sharing the poll. Photo courtesy of Cumulus Media Staff.

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What do you think UT’s record will be in the 2nd half of the season?



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