Jon Gruden Ate Dinner in Knoxville on Saturday… Until He Didn’t

Jon Gruden in Seattle / via Bob Condotta twitter

By Josh Ward

The Grumors took an odd turn on Saturday night.

Shortly before Tennessee was set to kickoff against LSU at Neyland Stadium, word started to travel on social media that Jon Gruden was in town and had eaten dinner with Peyton Manning at Calhoun’s on the River. The restaurant even confirmed the news.

The only problem is Gruden was never at Calhoun’s on Saturday. That’s because he’s in Seattle.


Here’s the full twitter play-by-play of what unfolded Saturday night as the Vols were preparing to play against LSU:

6:18:  John Pennington of The Sports Source passes along word from Calhoun’s that Gruden was at the restaurant.

6:51: A manager at Calhoun’s confirms to Patrick Murray that, yes, Gruden was there earlier in the evening.

7:23: Not so fast my friend. Calhoun’s informs Pennington that Gruden might not have been there.

7:28: Copper Cellar COO Bart Fricks issues a statement apologizing for “the storm” that was created.

8:00: Calhoun’s issues a statement from its twitter account apologizing.

8:10: Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times confirms Jon Gruden was in Seattle earlier in the day.

8:22 Bill Hofheimer from ESPN’s public relations department confirmed Gruden’s whereabouts.

And thus concludes another odd twist to the neverending Grumors.

It’s a shame, too. Gruden missed out on what would have been a great meal.