Don’t Sleep on Maurer’s Athleticism

Brian Maurer is Tennessee’s first QB in the 2019 class / via Twitter

By Josh Ward | @Josh_Ward

Brian Maurer has established himself as one of the nation’s highest-rated pocket passers in the 2019 class.

Be careful with that “pocket passer” label, though, says West Port High School coach Matt Franklin.

That’s not because Maurer struggles to stand in the pocket and make plays with his arm. He’s fine in that regard.

It’s because Maurer has too many skills to be categorized as just a passer or a runner.

“I tell people that if he wasn’t a Division I quarterback that he could play Division I wide receiver,” Franklin said. “I’ve watched him in the (basketball) gym multiple times just go up and throw a dunk down like it’s nothing.”

That versatility is why Maurer was pursued by schools like Tennessee, where he committed to play on Wednesday, as well Ohio State and Penn State, schools that are looking for more “dual-threat” style quarterbacks.

“This is a kid that can do different things in each kind of system,” Franklin said. “You can put that kid in a pro-style system because he’s 6-foot-4, he’s going to be by the time he’s on the field at Neyland (Stadium) 210–215 pounds and still be able to run. Or you can put him in a system where he’s a running threat.”

Maurer’s profile grew even larger thanks to his recent performance at the Elite 11 event in Redondo Beach, Calif.

Tennessee took notice and offered Maurer a scholarship last week, leading to a quick commitment. The Vols’ effort might just pay off — in more ways than one.