Sports 180: 2019 NFL Picks and Predictions

The NFL season kicks off Thursday night in Chicago as the Bears host the Packers. On Thursday afternoon the crew from Sports 180, joined by WNML’s John Wilkerson went around the room and made their picks for the new season.

AFC East Winner

John Wilkerson: Patriots

Heather Harrington: Patriots

Josh Ward: Patriots

Joel Silverberg: Patriots

AFC North Winner

John Wilkerson: Steelers

Heather Harrington: Steelers

Josh Ward: Steelers

Joel Silverberg: Steelers

AFC South Winner

John Wilkerson: Texans

Heather Harrington: Texans

Josh Ward: Texans

Joel Silverberg: Texans

AFC West Winner

John Wilkerson: Chiefs

Heather Harrington: Chiefs

Josh Ward: Chiefs

Joel Silverberg: Chiefs

AFC Wildcards

John Wilkerson: Chargers, Colts

Heather Harrington: Browns, Titans

Josh Ward: Browns, Ravens

Joel Silverberg: Chargers, Ravens

NFC East Winner

John Wilkerson: Eagles

Heather Harrington: Cowboys

Josh Ward: Eagles

Joel Silverberg: Cowboys

NFC North Winner

John Wilkerson: Vikings

Heather Harrington: Bears

Josh Ward: Packers

Joel Silverberg: Bears

NFC South Winner

John Wilkerson: Saints

Heather Harrington: Saints

Josh Ward: Panthers

Joel Silverberg: Saints

NFC West Winner

John Wilkerson: Rams

Heather Harrington: Seahawks

Josh Ward: Rams

Joel Silverberg: Rams

NFC Wildcards

John Wilkerson: Cowboys, Bears

Heather Harrington: Rams, Eagles

Josh Ward: Bears, Seahawks

Joel Silverberg: Seahawks, Eagles

Super Bowl Champion

John Wilkerson: Saints over Patriots

Heather Harrington: Eagles over Patriots

Josh Ward: Eagles over Patriots

Joel Silverberg: Patriots over Bears

League MVP

John Wilkerson: Drew Brees, Saints

Heather Harrington: Ezekiel Elliot, Cowboys

Josh Ward: Carson Wentz, Eagles

Joel Silverberg: Drew Brees, Saints

Offensive Rookie of the Year

John Wilkerson: David Montgomery, Bears

Heather Harrington: David Montgomery, Bears

Josh Ward: David Montgomery, Bears

Joel Silverberg: N’Keal Harry, Patriots

Defensive Rookie of the Year

John Wilkerson: Devin Bush, Steelers

Heather Harrington: Ed Oliver, Bills

Josh Ward: Devin Bush, Steelers

Joel Silverberg: Brian Burns, Panthers

Comeback Player of the Year

John Wilkerson: Carson Wentz, Eagles

Heather Harrington: Cooper Kupp, Rams

Josh Ward: Le’Veon Bell, Jets

Joel Silverberg: Carson Wentz, Eagles

Coach of the Year

John Wilkerson: Frank Reich, Colts

Heather Harrington: Freddie Kitchens, Browns

Josh Ward: Freddie Kitchens, Browns

Joel Silverberg: Sean McVay, Rams



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