Erik Ainge Show Picks Panel – Week 2

After one week of the Native Design and Hardscape Picks Segment, some of us have some work to do. We all missed Tennessee, so at least we can all be miserable together. Jake was the winner for the week, going 5-1 with the Vols being the only miss. Jacob likely regretted, like I did, picking Wisconsin approximately 25 seconds after kickoff. I was the worst at 3-3, shout out to the kid at Auburn for the last minute drive to keep me in last place.

Here are the standings:

After Week 1
Jake Bull, Rusty Wallace Kia : 5-1
Erik Ainge: 4-2
Chad Campbell, Rusty Wallace Honda: 4-2
Jacob Dunaway, Native Design 4-2
Joel Silverburg: 4-2
Brian Rice: 3-3
Eric Cain 3-3

West Virginia @ Missouri
Erik: Missouri
Brian: West Virginia
Jake: Missouri
Chad: Missouri
Jacob: Missouri
Joel: Missouri
Cainer: Missouri

Vanderbilt @ Purdue
Erik: Purdue
Brian: Purdue
Jake: Vanderbilt
Chad: Purdue
Jacob: Purdue
Joel: Purdue
Cainer: Purdue

#12 Texas A&M @ #1 Clemson against the spread (16.5)
Erik: Clemson
Brian: Clemson
Jake: A&M
Chad: Clemson
Jacob: Clemson
Joel: Clemson
Cainer: Clemson

Arkansas @ Ole Miss
Erik: Ole Miss
Brian: Ole Miss
Jake: Ole Miss
Chad: Ole Miss
Jacob: Ole Miss
Joel: Ole Miss
Cainer: Ole Miss

#6 LSU @ #9 Texas
Erik: LSU
Brian: LSU
Jake: LSU
Chad: LSU
Jacob: LSU
Joel: LSU
Cainer: LSU

BYU @ Tennessee (-3.5)
Erik: Tennessee
Brian: BYU
Jake: Tennessee
Chad: BYU
Jacob: Tennessee
Joel: BYU
Cainer: BYU



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