Erik Ainge Show Picks Panel – Week 14

We’re down to two weeks left in the season and the mission here is simple: Erik Ainge must be stopped. EA was 6-0 again last week and now has a three-game lead on Chad and Joel. Joel is once again tied with Chad for second, thanks to a 6-0 week. Jake was also 6-0, which just put me even more solidly in last place. Chad, Jacob, Cainer and I were all 4-2.

Here are the standings:

Erik Ainge: 62-17
Chad Campbell, Rusty Wallace Honda: 59-20
Joel Silverburg: 59-20
Jacob Dunaway, Native Design: 54-25
Eric Cain: 52-27
Jake Bull, Rusty Wallace Kia: 52-27
Brian Rice: 49-30

Rivalry week is here, and here are the matchups:

#1 Ohio State @ #13 Michigan
Erik: Ohio State
Brian: Ohio State
Jake: Ohio State
Chad: Ohio State
Jacob: Michigan
Joel: Ohio State
Cainer: Ohio State

#12 Wisconsin @ #8 Minnesota
Erik: Minnesota
Brian: Minnesota
Jake: Wisconsin
Chad: Wisconsin
Jacob: Minnesota
Joel: Wisconsin
Cainer: Wisconsin

#7 Oklahoma @ #21 Oklahoma State
Erik: Oklahoma
Brian: Oklahoma
Jake: Oklahoma
Chad: Oklahoma
Jacob: Oklahoma State
Joel: Oklahoma
Cainer: Oklahoma

#19 Cincinnati @ #18 Memphis
Erik: Memphis
Brian: Cincinnati
Jake: Cincinnati
Chad: Memphis
Jacob: Memphis
Joel: Memphis
Cainer: Memphis

#5 Alabama @ #15 Auburn
Erik: Alabama
Brian: Alabama
Jake: Auburn
Chad: Auburn
Jacob: Auburn
Joel: Auburn
Cainer: Auburn

Vanderbilt @ Tennessee (-20)
Erik: Tennessee
Brian: Tennessee
Jake: Tennessee
Chad: Tennessee
Jacob: Tennessee
Joel: Tennessee
Cainer: Tennessee



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