Erik Ainge Show Picks Panel – Week 15

Championship week is here. Though the battle of Callahan Drive has been mathematically decided between Chad and Jake, we have an overall title on the line here. Erik was only 3-3 last week, which means one game separates him from Chad and Joel, who were 5-1 last week.

A good battle shaping up in the second flight as well, Jake and Jacob are tied at 56-29, one game behind Cainer’s 57-28.

Here are the standings:
Erik Ainge: 65-20
Chad Campbell, Rusty Wallace Honda: 64-21
Joel Silverburg: 64-21
Eric Cain: 57-28​
Jacob Dunaway, Native Design: 56-29
Jake Bull, Rusty Wallace Kia: 56-29
Brian Rice: 51-34

It’s Championship Week, so we need to dial up the difficulty to crown a regular season champ. All six games against the spread this week. May the odds ever be in your favor!

#5 Utah (-6.5) vs. #13 Oregon
Erik: Oregon
Brian: Utah
Jake: Oregon
Chad: Utah
Jacob: Oregon
Joel: Oregon
Cainer: Oregon

#7 Baylor vs. #6 Oklahoma (-9)
Erik: Baylor
Brian: Baylor
Jake: Baylor
Chad: Oklahoma
Jacob: Baylor
Joel: Oklahoma
Cainer: Baylor

#23 Virginia vs. #3 Clemson (-28.5)
Erik: Clemson
Brian: Clemson
Jake: Clemson
Chad: Virginia
Jacob: Virginia
Joel: Clemson
Cainer: Clemson

#20 Cincinnati @ #17 Memphis (-9)
Erik: Memphis
Brian: Cincinnati
Jake: Cincinnati
Chad: Cincinnati
Jacob: Memphis
Joel: Cincinnati
Cainer: Cincinnati

#1 Ohio State (-16.5) vs. #8 Wisconsin
Erik: Ohio State
Brian: Ohio State
Jake: Wisconsin
Chad: Ohio State
Jacob: Ohio State
Joel: Ohio State
Cainer: Ohio State

#4 Georgia vs. #2 LSU (-6.5)
Erik: LSU
Brian: LSU
Jake: LSU
Chad: LSU
Jacob: LSU
Joel: Georgia
Cainer: LSU



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