Wayne Chism Talks Life Overseas, Favorite Tennessee Memories

Good luck finding someone who had more fun playing basketball at Tennessee than Wayne Chism.

Chism played at Tennessee for former head coach Bruce Pearl from 2006-10. The Vols won an outright SEC championship and made a run to the Elite Eight during Chism’s time in Knoxville.

Chism has spent the last 10 years playing basketball overseas, most recently playing for a club in Beirut. His joy for basketball has remained intact as he’s gotten married (to former Tennessee volleyball player DeeDee Harrison) and become a father.

Chism told us on Sports 180 that his joy for the game of basketball goes back to his days playing the sport as a kid.

“I had this fun basketball goal. I put it up at 10:00 in the morning every time and I wouldn’t go back in until midnight because it’s all I wanted to do – was the basketball. Once the ball was bouncing, it was like my therapy. It kept my mind off a lot of things that I wanted to do. What if I wanted to go be bad? But the basketball was bouncing so that kept me out of a lot of trouble.”

Check out the entire interview with Wayne Chism, who discussed his time at Tennessee, life overseas and parenthood.