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It’s NFL Draft mock draft time! As we had fun doing two years ago, we’re back with staff mock drafts.

Our 2020 NFL Draft Coverage leading uo to, during and after the draft is presented by UT Athletics. Get your tickets to UT sports at AllVols.com.

Each of the air personalities listed below are submitting two mock drafts (1.0 then 2.0) before this year’s NFL Draft, April 23 to 25th.

Plus, our hosts are joining other shows on the station, as guests, to discuss (and defend) their mock drafts, sparking conversation and thoughts on the draft. Those podcasts are at the bottom of this Central Page with more coming.

Don’t worry, we’ll also be discussing the draft prospects and potential of the Vols players, even if none are projected to be drafted in the first round. We’ll still spend some time on the UT players.

There’s not much else happening in sports right now, so the record ratings (and attendance in Nashville)from the 2019 NFL Draft that displayed it’s incredible popularity will likely pale in comparison to the ratings expected this year with most of us social distancing at home.

We’re excited to bring you, once again, our live 1st Round NFL Draft Special, Thursday night, April 23 at 8 ET!

Our 99.1 The Sports Animal hosts and reporters will provide you live analysis from start to finish throughout the always exciting first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. We’ll predict upcoming team selections, discuss potential team and player fits, analyze draft picks afterwards, bring you special audio features on every draft pick and much, much more.

When NFL Draft 1st Round trades happen, we’ll tell you all about it and break it down. Whether it’s on any of our weekday shows or during our April 23 live draft special, we’ll analyze them all. Our coverage of NFL Draft 1st Round trades are driven by Fleet Tire…you flat’em, we fix’em!

With the current state of social distancing and broadcasting remotely, the hosts will rotate in and out throughout the first round special. The broadcast starts at 8pm ET and will run until the end of the first round.

Check back on this page often as we’ll be unveiling mock drafts a few at a time. We’ll also be adding video features and interviews to get you even more prepared for the draft. Hope you enjoy all our content!

JIMMY HYAMS              1.0          2.0      (Revealed 4/20)

WILL WEST                   1.0          2.0     (Revealed 4/20)

VINCE FERRARA          1.0          2.0      (Revealed 4/20)

JOSH WARD                  1.0          2.0     (Reveal of 2.0 on 4/21)

TYLER IVENS                1.0          2.0     (Reveal of 2.0 on 4/21)

JOHN WILKERSON      1.0          2.0     (Reveal of 2.0 on 4/21)

SAM FORMAN              1.0          2.0      (Reveal of 2.0 on 4/22)

ERIC CAIN                     1.0          2.0     (Reveal of 2.0 on 4/22)

JOEL SILVERBERG      1.0          2.0     (Reveal of 2.0 on 4/22)

Vince chats with TJ Rives on Gronk trade, draft impact & Jauan to Tampa?

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