Knox County Parks and Rec Mowing In-House Saving $83,000

Knox County will start mowing more of the parks themselves saving over $83,000 a year. Mayor Glenn Jacobs asked all the county offices to look for cost-saving options as they deal with the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Parks and Rec Department says they were able to reassign work and create a second mowing crew. Senior Director of Parks and Recreation Paul White says, “During the summer months, they’ll be able to mow the parks each week and when it gets colder, they can join the other teams and work on the big projects.”

The department’s other 4-person crew oversees 13 parks and greenways. Contractors currently handle about 30 parks. But the newly formed crew will take over 9 saving roughly $83,400 a year.

Mayor Jacobs applauded the department’s effort.

“The budget is going to be difficult this year and this creative cost-savings will help alleviate some budgetary stress. Constituents expect our parks to be clean and well-maintained. Our Parks and Recreation teams are the ones doing that work, even though people rarely see it as it’s happening. They do an incredible job.”



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