List of UT connections on NFL coaching staffs and front offices including 8 VFLs

Jon Gruden and Joshua Dobbs / Credit: UT Athletics

By Vince Ferrara / @VinceSports

As you may have seen in the past, I track the VFLs, one-time Vols and Knoxville area players in the NFL.

Well, It’s time to update you on all the VFLs, one-time UT assistant coaches and Gas and Knoxville area individuals in the NFL as coaches, staff members or in front office positions.

The breakdown of the 23 currently in the NFL that are listed below:
8 VFLs
9 Former UT Coaches/Staff
5 Former UT Graduate Assistants
1 From Knoxville area but spent no time at UT

Here’s that current list in my blog, “Vince’s View.”

NY Giants
Kevin Sherrer (ILB coach) Vols AC ILBs/STC/DC 2018-2019
Craig Fitzgerald (Dir. of S&P) Vols Dir. of S&P 2018-2019
Derek Dooley (Sr. Off. Asst) Vols HC 2010-2012

Green Bay
Kevin Koger (Off QC) Vols GA 2015

Dom Capers (Sr. Def. Asst) Vols AC DBs 1980-1981

Phil Emery (Scout) Vols Asst S&C coach 1987-1991

Marcus Satterfield (Asst OL coach) Vols GA 2002-2003 (from Greenback)

Tampa Bay
Mike Caldwell (ILB coach) None with Vols (from Oak Ridge)
Kacy Rodgers (DL coach) VFL Vols player LB/DE 1988-1991

Derius Swinton (Asst S&P coach) Vols GA 2007-2008

LA Rams
Jacques McClendon (Dir. of Player Engagement) VFL Vols player OL 2006-2009
Brandon Staley (DC) Vols GA 2012

Reggie McKenzie (Sr. Personnel Executive) VFL Vols player LB (from Knoxville)
Marion Hobby (DL coach) VFL player DL 1986-1989 & Asst S&C coach 2018

New England
Jerod Mayo (ILB coach) VFL Vols player LB 2004-2007

NY Jets
Jim Bob Cooter (RB coach) VFL Vols player QB 2002-2005 & Vols GA 2007-2008
Bo Hardegree (Off Asst) VFL Vols player QB 2004-2007

Chris Rumph (OLB coach) Vols AC OLBs 2018-2019

Jason Michael (TE coach) Vols GA 2003-2004 & Vols AC TEs 2008

Doug Marrone (HC) Vols AC TEs 2001
Tom Myslinski (Dir. of S&P) VFL Vols player OL 1988-1991

Zach Azzanni (WR coach) Vols AC WR/Pass Game Coord. 2013-2016

Las Vegas
Jon Gruden (HC) Vols GA 1986-1987

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