Lady Vol assistant Lacey Goldwire partnering with Coaches 4 Change

Lady Vols AC Lacey Goldwire / Credit: UT Athletics

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee women’s basketball assistant coach Lacey Goldwire is part of a new social justice initiative called Coaches 4 Change, which unites coaches across the men’s and women’s collegiate basketball landscape in pursuit of positive progress.

“Coaches 4 Change is a fantastic initiative to get the right people in a room, within our coaching communities, to talk about what we can do within our team, program and university and, at some point, our community, state and country,” Goldwire said. “I am excited to talk to my peers about their thoughts on systemic racism and injustice, to become more educated on what I can do and to encourage the people around me to vote! I want to be a part of the group of coaches that sparks transformation through thoughts, words and action.”

Goldwire, who also serves as the Lady Vols’ recruiting coordinator, is entering her second season on staff at Tennessee in 2020-21. She has helped guide her teams to nine postseason appearances in her 12 years in the collegiate coaching profession, with previous experience at Oklahoma State, Morehead State, Iowa and Arkansas.

Coaches 4 Change (C4C) is an organization founded by college basketball coaches who are dedicated to helping their student-athletes, their campus and their communities. The mission of C4C is to provide a platform that engages, educates, empowers and evolves the collegiate student-athlete on issues of social injustice, systemic racism and the power of voting in the endless pursuit of equality. The 4 Pillars of C4C are to:

• ENGAGE our fellow coaches & student-athletes within our campus & local communities.  To raise awareness and involvement in the endless pursuit for equality through voter registration.
• EDUCATE our fellow coaches & student athletes with historical information pertaining to systemic racism, social injustice, police brutality and significant events that have shaped our country.
• EMPOWER our fellow coaches & student-athletes to inspire change through the power of voting.
• EVOLVE the minds of our fellow coaches & student-athletes to help foster positive changes within their collegiate and local communities surrounding the issues of racism & social injustice.

Those C4C pillars serve as the four foundational elements that guide its endless pursuit of equality. For more information about C4C, visit or follow @Coaches4Change on social media.

-UT Athletics



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