Vince’s View: 2020 MLB Season Predictions

North Port, FL – March 6, 2020 – CoolToday Park: Freddie Freeman (5) of the Atlanta Braves mic’d up for a spring training game
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“Vince’s View” By Vince Ferrara / @VinceSports

Here are my 2020 MLB predictions I shared several times on 99.1 The Sports Animal. I’ve added the expanded playoff spots (boo!) since I had only picked 10 teams.
Division Winners In Order: Yankees, Astros, Twins
Wildcard Teams In Order: Rays, A’s, Indians, White Sox, Angels
Division Winners In Order: Dodgers, Nationals, Reds
Wildcard Teams In Order: Braves, Cardinals, Padres, Mets, Cubs
World Series
Dodgers over Yankees (chalk I know…but I think the regular season will be crazy then settle to chalk in the end…hopefully not though)
Individual Award Winners
AL: Gerrit Cole – NYY (Cy Young), Alex Bregman – Hou (MVP), Luis Robert – CWS (Rookie OTY)
NL: Jacob deGrom – NYM (Cy Young), Juan Soto – Was (MVP), Gavin Lux – LAD (Rookie OTY)
What do you think? 🤔🤓⚾️

On Saturday SportsTalk July 18th, 99.1 Sports Animal staffers Sam Forman and Logan Ward also shared their 10 game playoff predictions and individual award winners. Here are those as well, for the record.

AL Division Winners: Yankees, Twins, Astros
AL Wildcards: Angels, Rays
NL Division Winners: Dodgers, Braves, Brewers
NL Wildcards: Reds, Phillies
World Series: Yankees over Dodgers
AL MVP: Mike Trout

AL CY Young: Gerrit Cole
AL ROY: Luis Robert

NL MVP: Ronald Acuna
NL CY Young: Jacob deGrom
NL ROY: Mackenzie Gore

AL Division Winners: Yankees, Astros, Indians
AL Wildcards: Rays, A’s
NL Division Winners: Dodgers, Braves, Cubs
NL Wildcards: Cardinals, Brewers
World Series: Astros over Dodgers

  • AL MVP – Francisco Lindor – Cleveland
    • ​I just have a odd gut filling on the Indians ​and Lindor hits hard to justify this pick even to myself and it is probably coming from way in left filed, but I just have a filling.
  • NL MVP – Christian Yelich – Brewers
    • I think he picks up right were he was most of last season, he should have really good numbers in a short season and I think he gets a lot of the spot light with how I think the Central will play out.
  • AL Cy Young – Gerrit Cole – Yankees
    • He is the best pitcher in the AL in my opinion and should have some good stats due to probably multiple starts against Baltimore, Miami and what may be an up and down Blue Jays team this season.
  • NL Cy Young – Clayton Kershaw – Dodgers
    • This one comes down to how good I think the team around him is and the fact he has an offense that could allow him to make it to the playoffs undefeated.
  • AL ROY – Brendan McKay – P – Rays
    • I am really looking at beating odds here as it could be a odd year for rookies in 2020. He is on a good pitching team and could play in multiple spots and wont have to worry about the weather in Tampa.
  • NL ROY  – Gavin Lux – SS – dodgers
    • ​Again this is really coming from looking at the odds and the fact that he will be on a very productive team that also should get a lot of TV and prime-time games in a short season. Which will keep him top of mind even with being on the west coast.

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