SEC in 3V – Vinny’s Virtual View – Sam Pittman at Arkansas

I’ve started a SEC football series here on my blog called “SEC in 3V” with the three Vs standing for Vinny’s Virtual View. Bookmark my blog feed here to easily access all SEC football posts this season.

Virtual press conferences are now the reality as the coronavirus continues to alter sports. With the planned start of the season pushed back to Sept. 26 and the ramp-up to the season finally providing content on SEC football, I’m sharing press conferences from around the league.

Here’s Sam PIttman’s pre-practice meeting with the media on Thursday, courtesy of Arkansas Athletics. Below that are some of what we learned from the Razorbacks head coach.


Vinny’s Virtual View
-Said with the increased teaching virtually they were allowed to do during the quarantine, it makes-up for what will be lost with the new SEC practice schedule guidelines, so he feels like it pretty much evens out

-The SEC-only schedule in his first season is what it is

-Players don’t care about scheduling or formats, they just want to play football

-They are trying to find their 5 best players on the offensive line

-Would like to settle on a starting 5 O-line no later than 2 1/2 weeks before the first game

-Center is the toughest position to play on the OL and they are trying to develop 3 centers to travel with

-Six weeks of practice look like this in terms of days of practice that he’s looking at…3, 3, 5, 4, 5, 5 with Sundays as always one of the days off

-He’s ecstatic at how his team has handled covid

-Doesn’t know yet if they are a base 4-3 or 3-4…will probably be multiple in two different fronts, maybe 3 on defense

Those were a few of his comments with plenty more Q&A

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Arkansas HC Sam Pittman / Credit: Arkansas Athletics



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