Britton Colquitt on 2020 Vikings “It is exciting. This has the makes for a good run.”

Vikings P Britton Colquitt / Credit: Minnesota Vikings media

By Vince Ferrara / @VinceSports

Former University of Tennessee player and VFL Britton Colquitt, punter of the Minnesota Vikings, spent some time with me on a Zoom call this week.

Some of what we discussed:
*First of all…he was hilarious
*Second of all…he has a great personality anyways, but even to that standard, he was very relaxed (not your typical interview)
*Covid measures in camp
*Stories about seeing his family
*Living in Minnesota
*Confidence in getting the NFL season completed
*Difference in punting techniques on turf vs, grass and a story about his coach’s reaction in practice
*How much he’s enjoyed his time with the Vikings
*The potential of no college football season
*His appearance on several levels
*Connecting with fellow Knoxville high school product Harrison Smith
*Bearden high school sports
*If his brother Dustin will punt in the NFL this season
*Excitement level for this year’s Vikings team

Listen to that entire interview here.



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