Sheriff Spangler Says Will Not Rescind Agreement with ICE

Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler says protests outside his home and church will not sway him from the department’s cooperation with immigration officials. Sheriff Spangler says he’s received several requests to rescind the county’s agreement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which allows deputies to assist ICE agents.

In a video statement Spangler says, “I, nor my deputies will never go to anyone’s home looking for someone who is here illegally. If you do not commit a crime, you will not go to jail. This applies to everyone – and I mean everyone, without exception. I have a sworn duty to protect all citizens of Knox County without hesitation or discrimination and I take that seriously- as do the men and women of this agency.”

Sheriff Spangler says he’s listened to residents for and against the policy and he will not rescind it. He even went on to say he will sign the renewal each time it is up as long as he is Sheriff.



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