Jimmy’s blog: UT’s Smith furious NCAA hasn’t cleared Mays

By Jimmy Hyams

You don’t often see a college football player take on the NCAA and take up for a teammate the way Tennessee’s Trey Smith did on a Tuesday zoom-call interview.

The NCAA last month denied Mays’ appeal for immediate eligibility after transferring from Georgia to Tennessee in January.

Mays’ attorney, Greg Isaacs, has filed a request for consideration and hopes to hear from the NCAA this week.

If the NCAA denies again, Isaacs will file an official appeal.

Smith is furious with the NCAA and didn’t hold back his feelings.

Smith said he has “always wanted to play with Cade since high school,” then “finally we get to the point where he came back home, he’s at Tennessee, we’re going to play with each other. To see the decision that’s basically trying to shoot down the hard work and discredit this kid who, at the end, he’s coming to work every day, he’s busting his butt, he’s going to practice.

“The people that are making these decisions are just sitting in the meeting room, just drinking coffee and just looking at paper. It’s really asinine to say the least, man. We’re talking about a season where eligibility doesn’t even matter, you’re not going to clear this kid?’’

“If the people eating in meeting rooms and wearing suits and walking around all day don’t want to clear this kid who’s busting his butt, bleeding, sweating, getting hit on the field consistently, then that’s their choice and that’s their option. At the end of the day, do right by a kid who’s working hard and working his butt off and trying to be great. That’s how I look at it.”

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