County Commission Passes Resolution and Appoints Citizen to Board of Health

Knox County Commissioners moved to take back some of the powers of the Board of Health Monday night, but it’s unclear if their actions have any teeth. Commissioners passed a resolution that says they intend to put a cap on how stringent the orders from the Board of Health can be.

Commissioner Terry Hill doesn’t believe the resolution will change much, but didn’t explain why. The board is appointed, not elected and has received criticism recently for continuing mask and curfew mandates.

Board member, Dr. Patrick O’Brien, says they have the best interest of the community in mind. Commissioner Carson Dailey said he’s concerned about the board’s wide range of power.

The commission also voted to add a citizen representative to the Board of Health. Ani Roma was appointed to the seat. Roma is a health teacher at Hardin Valley Middle School, but also a mom and small business owner. Roma says hopes to be a positive contributing member of the Board, “I’m dedicated to listening to the community and being a voice,”