509 SEC players on NFL rosters; Listings by NFL teams and SEC schools plus teams with most players from one school

509 SEC players on NFL rosters; Listings by NFL teams and SEC schools plus teams with most players from one school

By Vince Ferrara / @VinceSports

Updated 5/13/22 – The Titans added a 24th player from Texas A&M to their official roster and the Lions released two players from Notre Dame that I had previously noted.

As we enter most of the rookie mini-camps in the NFL, I decided to dive into each team’s roster.

Below is a ranking of SEC players for each NFL team, as well as the 14 SEC teams listed based on number of players on active rosters. I also list the teams that have the most players from any college team on their current roster, which is an interesting group.

Obviously, there are roster changes daily and not every team shows players the same way on rosters at the same time in the off-season of expanded rosters. Rosters from team websites were used.

I included undrafted free agents that were added to rosters. I did not include players on reserve lists, exclusive rights free agents or unrestricted free agents.

SEC Players On NFL Rosters (509)
Alabama 71 (28 teams)
LSU 68 (27 teams)
Georgia 58 (28 teams)
Florida 43 (25 teams)
Auburn 36 (24 teams)
Texas A&M 35 (23 teams)
Tennessee 31 (17 teams)
Ole Miss 28 (19 teams)
South Carolina 27 (18 teams)
Mississippi State 27 (15 teams)
Missouri 24 (18 teams)
Kentucky 23 (15 teams)
Arkansas 23 (14 teams)
Vanderbilt 15 (12 teams)

NFL Teams With SEC Players (509)
Tennessee Titans 24
Cleveland Browns 22
Jacksonville Jaguars 21
New England Patriots 21
Carolina Panthers 20
Las Vegas Raiders 20
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20
Green Bay Packers 19
Miami Dolphins 19
Pittsburgh Steelers 19
Baltimore Ravens 18
New York Jets 18
Detroit Lions 17
New Orleans Saints 17
Houston Texans 16
Kansas City Chiefs 16
Minnesota Vikings 16
Cincinnati Bengals 15
Washington Commanders 15
Atlanta Falcons 14
Denver Broncos 14
Philadelphia Eagles 14
Dallas Cowboys 13
New York Giants 13
Seattle Seahawks 13
Arizona Cardinals 12
Los Angeles Chargers 12
Los Angeles Rams 12
San Francisco 49ers 11
Buffalo Bills 10
Chicago Bears 9
Indianapolis Colts 9

Colleges Most Represented On NFL Teams
6 Players
Tennessee (Saints)
Ohio State (Saints)
Alabama (Patriots)
Michigan (Patriots)
LSU (Buccaneers)

5 Players
Alabama (Steelers)
Texas A&M (Steelers)
Michigan (Steelers)
Alabama (Raiders)
UCLA (Raiders)
LSU (Bengals)
Ohio State (Bengals)
Washington (Seahawks)
Miami (Seahawks)
LSU (Browns)
Alabama (Commanders)
UCLA (Packers)
Notre Dame (Lions)

With NFL teams allowed to carry as many as 90 players on their off-season active rosters (appx. 2,880 players,) the SEC (508 players,) makes up approximately 17.6 % of the league right now. On average, each team has 16 (15.9) SEC players per team.

You can theorize that the numbers of SEC players in the NFL are simply inflated because of expanded rosters. However, in my years of tracking SEC players in the National Football League, the percentages will be very similar once teams get down to the final 53 or even when you included practice squads.

College football’s most successful, talent-laden conference continues to make-up the biggest chunk of the NFL. It’s no different this season, and likely won’t be different any time soon.

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Las Vegas, NV – November 21, 2021 – Allegiant Stadium: Joe Burrow (9) of the Cincinnati Bengals during a regular season game. (Photo by Al Powers / ESPN Images)