Dee Williams’ Chance to Help Tennessee’s Offense

BATON ROUGE, LA - October 08, 2022 - Defensive back Dee Williams #3 of the Tennessee Volunteers during the game between the LSU Tigers and the Tennessee Volunteers at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, LA. Photo By Andrew Ferguson/Tennessee Athletics

Dee Williams’ Chance to Help Tennessee’s Offense

Have you watched a Tennessee game over the past two seasons and at some point said, “Why don’t they put Dee Williams on offense?”

If so, Josh Heupel might be ready to use your entry in the suggestion box.

Austin Price of Volquest told us this week he expects Williams, who has practiced in the secondary, to get a look on offense.

Swain’s ears popped up when Austin mentioned the idea.

“It just makes sense,” Swain said of Williams playing offense.

It’s not as easy as telling Williams to go line up in the slot, catch the ball, and run.

For one, catching the ball on offense is different than fielding a kick or punt.

Also, Tennessee’s offense runs on tempo.

Williams has to prepare to run several plays in a row.

He could sub in and out, of course, but that’s not Tennessee’s style.

But there’s no denying this: Williams is electric with the ball.

Imagine him on the field with Dylan Sampson and/or Squirrel White.

How do you think an opposing defensive coordinator would like that?

Tennessee’s offense has a good amount of playmakers.

The Vols’ offense also needs to find new ways to hit big plays.

Could Williams help in that area?

We might soon find out.

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