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Line-Up On UT Game Days

Take a look at all the shows that make-up the 14 hours, on average, of Tennessee football coverage on Image Matters Game Day All Day. Listen on 99.1 The Sports Animal, AM 990, streaming here on and the free WNML mobile app powered by Big Kahuna Wings! Take us with you to your tailgate, your home, your roadtrip or anywhere else in-between for the most comprehensive UT football coverage you will find anywhere! Image Matters…The technology you need, plus, the people you trust!


In this 15-minute show, presented by TVA, is the longest rated sports information show in the country. Bud Ford, former longtime UT Media Relations Director and current UT Historian, discusses the interesting aspects of each Saturday’s game. This show was a creation of Haywood Harris and Gus Manning. It has been on the air for over 50 consecutive years. Bud’s guest each week is the Sports Information Director for the opposing team, creating lively discussion and presenting a different viewpoint of that week’s game. This show will be in-studio.


Life Safety Systems’ Football Digest is a fast-paced show that combines the energy and insights of Will West with the knowledge, passion for the Vols of VFL Bobby Scott and the personality and educated opinions of Brian Rice. When the show is before the game, they’ll have a unique look at the key aspects of the match-up with detailed focus on the Vols. On weeks when the show is after the game, they take you through the entire game with analysis of the key plays and moments of the game when the show is after the game. You get your chance to call in and express your opinion throughout as well. This show will be at Fieldhouse Social at University Commons all season. Life Safety Systems…Knoxville’s Leading Fire Suppression Company, serving all of east Tennessee   .


Knoxville TVA Employee’s Credit Union Saturday Sports Talk has Josh Ward, Brian Rice and VFL Daniel Hood recapping the week for the Tennessee football team leading into the game. They’ll breakdown the match-up for the Tennessee football team. Plus, they’ll hit on the big games and storylines in college football. This show will be at Fieldhouse Social at University Commons all season.


This live 90-minute show, presented by Chattanooga Whiskey, is a thorough analysis and breakdown of the games on the SEC schedule for the day. John Wilkerson and Jimmy Hyams bring their expertise and opinions about the teams in the league to listeners, while taking phone calls from fans about what’s happening in SEC football. This show will be at Fieldhouse Social at University Commons all season. Chattanooga Whiskey.….THE ONLY “Tennessee High Malt Whiskey”. Chattanooga Whiskey 91 and 111 are now available at your favorite local bars and retailers! Drink Chattanooga Whiskey. Enjoy Responsibly.


College Football Today presented by Comcast/Xfinity is a live 60-minute call-in show that provides listeners with the flavor of college football and a look at game-day activities. The team of Tyler Ivens, Erik Ainge and VFL Troy Fleming will bring unmatched insight into the game for the Vols, they’ll field questions and comments, in addition to giving listeners insights to the lifestyles of college football fans across America. This show will be outside of Gate 21 at Neyland Stadium before home games. They’ll do the show from Fieldhouse Social at University Commons before road games


Football Finals, hosted by the team of Jimmy Hyams and VFL Fuad Reveiz, either have the final preview of the Vols match-up before the Vol Network coverage begins or they’ll have the first radio analysis after the Tennessee football game. They’ll have comments from Vols players and coaches leading up to the game and they’ll tell how they see the Vols game playing out. When the show is after the game, they’ll have stats, key-play breakdowns, Fuad’s VFL insights and much more. Plus, they’ll take your phone calls about the Tennessee game and what’s next for the Vols. They’ll do the show from Fieldhouse Social at University Commons when the Vols are at home and the show airs before the game. For UT road games, they’ll be at one of numerous locations presented by Budweiser. When the show is after a home UT game, the show is live from the Budweiser Studios of Cumulus Knoxville.


Bob Kesling, Tim Priest and Pat Ryan talk about the game and welcome special guests .This 60-minute show fields questions from fans calling-in, from the crowd on-location and at the Vol Navy. This show is live from the UT campus on stage at the outdoor amphitheater outside Gate 21 at Neyland Stadium for home games and from the press box for away games.


In this 15-minute program, Vol Network host Brent Hubbs presents the Southeastern Conference round-up of game previews, scores and interviews with coaches and players. This show is live from the press box of each stadium all season.


From 15 minutes prior to kick-off, to the official “It’s Football Time in Tennessee,” to the final whistle . . . this 195-minute (approx.) is as exciting as you’ll find in the SEC!


The longest running sports talk show in the state of Tennessee is Sunday Sports Soundoff. Every Sunday morning during the football season in Knoxville, for many years, you can hear the game breakdown and passionate caller reaction to the Saturday Tennessee football game. 8 to 10am Jimmy Hyams and Tim Irwin tell it like it is and field questions from listeners about the Tennessee football game.


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*Mercedes Benz Of Knoxville will once again have a car on display for all Game Day Broadcasts from University Commons.

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