Andy Reid: Chiefs expect WR Rashee Rice to virtually attend meetings

Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice and head coach Andy Reid are in contact about offseason plans following Rice’s arrest on charges stemming from a six-vehicle accident last month.

Reid said Monday that the first phase of the voluntary workout program would include Rice as a virtual attendee, but offered no details on their conversations or how the Chiefs would move forward depending on the legal matter in Texas.

“I’m leaving that, like we’ve done most of these, for the law enforcement part to take place and then we will go from there with that,” Reid said.

Rice was driving 119 mph before causing a six-vehicle crash March 30 on a Dallas highway, according to an arrest-warrant affidavit. He was captured on video near the site of the crash with four others leaving the scene, police said.

Rice is working out with multiple teammates in Texas, Reid said. Among them is quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who said Monday they will “continue that work” as Rice’s case moves through the legal system.

Rice faces charges of aggravated assault, collision involving serious bodily injury and six counts of collision involving injury.

He also faces civil lawsuits from those injured, including a $1 million suit filed Monday by two victims claiming damages that include “trauma to the brain, lacerations to the face, multiple contusions on the body, disfigurement, internal bleeding and other internal and external injuries.”

Rice turned himself into police last week and said he would cooperate fully with police for his role in the accident.